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Lesson 8: Assembly Language

From the original article in Radio-Electronics
by Jonathan A. Titus
The Mark-8 is programmed in assembly or machine language, the basic language of all computers which consists of 1's and 0's grouped into bytes. While it may seem cumbersome at first, this is one of the most flexible ways to program while keeping down the cost of added storage or memory. The use of just the 1's and 0's to represent the binary numbers can become tedious after a short while. It becomes much easier to convert the binary numbers to their octal equivalent and use these direct equivalents instead.
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Programming is a skill that can only be learned well by doing. A good point to start learning about programming is by disecting some programs or parts of some programs.
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From Mark-8/Micro-8 Computer User Group Newsletter
by Dr. Robert Suding, The Digital Group
"Handy Special Register Subroutines"
Register operations are a general nuisance on the 8008, especially when using the H&L registers. The following subroutines are part of a new 2K operating system to be available through the Digital Group.
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