Jonathan A. Titus

Microcomputer Pioneer

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Mark-8 Welcome to the CHC61 Competition site: Jonathan A. Titus, Microcomputer Pioneer. This site is about Jonathan A. Titus and his contributions to computing with the Mark-8 microcomputer.

Jon Titus This section is about Jonathan A. Titus. It includes information about his accomplishments and our own interview with Dr. Titus.

Mark-8 This section is about Jonathan A. Titus's Mark-8 Microcomputer. It contains information about Mark-8 construction, schematics, circuit boards, and other pertinent details.

Comm-Board This section is about the Comm-Board which can be used to read binary ASCII characters.

Lessons This section constitutes the educational value of the website. In three tracks, 12 lessons each, it outlines (1) the Mark-8 design, (2) computer organization study, based on Dr. Titus’ writings, and (3) a microcontroller project (documented in a video), all presenting sequentially organized information how microcomputers are designed. It shows what we have learned from the project, offers the student or other viewer an opportunity to learn Computer Design in twelve steps based on a specific processor, and is extendible once someone wants to add a description of another microcomputer in 12 steps following the same format.

Timeline This section shows graphically the progress of accomplishments related to microprocessors and microcomputers, from the early 1940s to this day.

Links In this section, we have gathered references to other sources about the Mark-8 design and various other early microcomputers.

About This section is about the project objectives, the team who worked on it, and the steps we took to develop this site.

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