Jonathan A. Titus

Microcomputer Pioneer

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This page has all of the external links of other important information on the Mark-8 microcomputer.

Click Preview/Details next to each link to view a small preview of the site and read a little clip from the site before viewing it.  

Preview/Details Mark-8 Restoration by Bryan Blackburn
Preview/Details Mark 8 Microcomputer Reconstruction by Cliff Bedore
Preview/Details The Mark-8 Minicomputer by Thomas E. Jones
Preview/Details A Mark-8 Experience by Terry Ritter
Preview/Details My Mark-8 Minicomputer by the owner of Bell Computer Services
Preview/Details Titus and The Mark-8
Preview/Details The Digit Group by Sara's Web Preservation Group
Preview/Details Personal Computer Milestones by Doug Salot at Blinkelights Archeological Institute